Creativity & Printing


Every piece of work has a story that comes from its brand, which is scanned for printing and then the concept is realized. At this stage our purpose is “to create an emotion”. We spend most of our effort combining the best production technologies, materials and colors, but, for us, the crucial key in this step is what makes of this three elements the best combination: The HUMAN TOUCH.
We believe that people are the true value add that differentiates our product offering, such as the hand of a tailor in a bespoke suit.
Our commitment has always been to invest in technology in order to maximize the precision of our products, but mostly our “great estinvestment” is in the growth and awareness of the human component in the integration with machinery in order to give a “craft smanship touch” to our high-tech systems.
Digital systems, Offset, Flexo, Serigraphy (Silk-s creen Printing) & Typography (Printing office) are the main printing techniques and their combinationlend to the evolution of several final products such as: HOT & COLD PRINTING, DRY PADS/ EMBOSSING, BRAILLE, GLITTER, WOOD PAINTING, MATT & SHINY/GLOSSY PAINTING.


Come per tutte le altre fasi, anche questa è gestita internamente con impianti analogici e digitali. Questa fase permette un controllo minuzioso prima della fase ultima della stampa. L' integrazione di questo processo all'interno dell' azienda va a tutto vantaggio del cliente finale in termini di qualità e velocità


At this stage ideas become reality. A full service, treated with professionalism in every nuance and detail creating a new "brand" or improving existing ones.



Our warm welcoming to our customers represents for us the proper starting point to build a lasting and successful relationship. Our goal is to advise and follow our customers from the beginning in order to make any idea they may have promptly and acurately fulfilled into a final product. We aim to be considered by our customers as more than just a supplier but a real "business partner".


It is the connection between graphics-creative department and production.
Our technical staff task is to manage every printing technique in the best way possible, in order to match our customer expectations for a “highervalue” result.


Any query or technical requirements can be made both for domestic and international customers. Ourm ultilingual staff (English, French, German, Spanish) will welcome you in your own language and lead you every step way with the typical kindness and professionalism of GQ.

Quality and Logistics


GQ aims to achieve in itsproducts the “ItalianExcellence”.
That’s what our quality system certifies:

  • Accordance and integrality of the raw materials since their storage;
  • Daily raw materials temperature monitoring;
  • Own laboratory to test materials and their configuration according to specific use;
  • Meticulous control all processing long, every single step, from beginning, mid-step( semi-finished product) and final products;
  • Matching of FOGRA COLOR (worldwideacknowledged) before and during the printing stage;
  • UPC CODE legibility level (world wide acknowledged);
  • Packaging integrality (to guarantee no tampering occur during transport);


Each GQ work isunique: notonly in featuring but also by a code that allow us both monitoring (inside and outside the company) and to trace it in order to go back to its history for any future need.


We also manage it with our corporate fleet in order to guarantee delivery within 48 hours; we rely on worldwide couriers for shipping abroad and special needs.